Joint Replacement Orientation

Baptist Health Madisonville: Joint Replacement Orientation

Orthopedic surgeon James Dodds, MD, talks about how Baptist Health Madisonville’s orientation can help patients know what to expect before, during and after joint replacement surgery.

Joint Replacement Orientation Health Talks Transcript

James Dodds, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Total joint replacement is pretty amazing. Oftentimes, patients have a complete change in their daily activities, and they have a dramatic change in their quality of life. We have started using a pre-operative class in which we explain to the patient things that are going to happen prior to their surgery, things that are going to happen during the hospital stay, and then, what things they can expect when they go home from the hospital.

Erin Boone, RN
We use a multidisciplinary approach for their class, and we have an awesome team that helps. We’ve got occupational therapy, physical therapy, case managers, same-day surgery nursing staff, and the 3 East nursing staff teaching the class.

Andrea Morris, PTA
I would recommend anyone having a total joint replacement to have the class prior to surgery just so they will know what to expect.

I think the most important thing for the patient to learn from the class is how to get their house ready, how to get their whole environment ready for after surgery, what to prepare for when they go to surgery, what to bring the day of surgery, what to expect when they come to our floor, and what to expect when they go home. Any surgery patient is very anxious, but when they know exactly what’s going to happen, they’re more apt to be less anxious.

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