Kidney Stone Prevention & Treatment Options in Richmond

Baptist Health Richmond: Kidney Stone Prevention & Treatment Options

Baptist Health has a variety of options for preventing and treating kidney stones. Our physicians look to take preventive measures in tackling the causes of kidney stones, as well as evaluating multiple treatment options for our patients.

Kidney Stone Prevention & Treatment Options HealthTalks Transcript

Andrew Todd, MD
Kidney stones can be incredibly painful. Some of the main causes of kidney stones are genetics, things we can’t change; diet, things we can change; and hydration, one of the things that is challenging, but we can work to change.

There are many different ways to treat kidney stones. The way that has the highest amount of stone-free rates and clears out the most kidney stones is making a small incision in someone’s back and going in percutaneously to remove all the stones, bust them up, and suck them out, as we would say.

There are other ways to treat kidney stones as well. We can use tiny cameras to drive up into the kidneys and the urinary system to blast the kidney stones with lasers and remove all the pieces.

Additionally, we can use shockwave therapy to break up the kidney stones and allow the dust to pass.

All of the latest modalities to treat kidney stones are available here at Baptist Health Richmond. One of the best things that we try to do in our comprehensive kidney stone management is to try to prevent them.

I think in all individuals who are at high risk for making more stones, there are a number of things that we can do to try to decrease the number of stones they make in the future and improve their quality of life.

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