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Baptist Health La Grange: Heart Attack Prevention Testing

Baptist Health La Grange offers a variety of tests aimed at preventing heart attacks for patients in the future. Learn more about the testing options available.

Heart Attack Prevention Testing in La Grange, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Yared Hailemariam, MD, Cardiology:
The cardiovascular system comprises the heart and the blood vessels that are important to deliver oxygen and nutrients to every organ in the body. The heart has to pump nonstop to meet these metabolic needs throughout our life. If a patient has doubts about the cause of chest pain they’re experiencing, especially if it’s new and has associated symptoms like trouble breathing or getting tired, passing out spells, or they feel like they’re going to pass out, it needs to be investigated. The patient needs to see their provider or a cardiologist, and find out what’s causing the chest pain. 

We offer a variety of tests here in La Grange, both in the Cardiology department as well as the Radiology department. For example, one of the common tests we do is stress testing, which can be done on a simple treadmill where you exercise, or using echocardiogram or nuclear stress imaging. If we diagnose significant coronary artery blockages early using one of these tools and intervene [in a] timely [way], this could prevent a heart attack in the future.

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