3D Mammography Procedure in La Grange, Kentucky

Baptist Health La Grange: 3D Mammography Procedure

A 3D mammography can help with the early detection of breast cancer or abnormal breast tissue. Learn more about this mammography procedure from Baptist Health.

3D Mammography Procedure in La Grange, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Jason Yewell, MD, Diagnostic Radiology:
3D mammography allows us the ability to take thinner pictures through the breast tissue so we can more easily and clearly discriminate between what is normal breast tissue and what is abnormal breast tissue.

With standard 2D mammography, it is sometimes challenging to know whether there is a real abnormality on the image or not because of the breast tissue overlapping. With the thinner slices of 3D mammography, we are better able to discriminate between what is actually real, and what is abnormal versus normal. Of course, that’s critical when we’re trying to determine if we have a small cancer. Early detection certainly leads to a better patient outcome, and it gives us more treatment options if we detect the cancer sooner.

The American College of Radiology and the Society for Breast Imaging both recommend that women undergo a screening mammogram every year after age 40.

With the 3D mammograms, women will notice minimal if any change from the standard 2D mammogram. The machine is very similar in appearance, and the compression is similar. The breath-hold technique is similar to prior 2D mammogram studies as well.

3D mammography has been available here at La Grange for some time, and it is the standard of care nationally. We’re pleased to offer our 3D mammography services here at Baptist Health La Grange and also at our Crestwood imaging facility, as well as other locations in the Louisville-metropolitan area.

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