Learn How to Get Your 10,000 Steps Per Day!

When you’re short on time, is your workout the first thing to go? There’s another way to sneak exercise into a busy schedule. The U.S. Surgeon General recommends 30 minutes a day of moderate activity a day on top of your usual routine – which you can squeeze in by walking 10,000 steps a day.

Getting in the recommended number of steps is totally manageable if you add more steps to your normal activity. Plus, walking this distance (10,000 steps = about 5 miles) helps you maintain a healthy weight.

  • Use inconvenience to your advantage. Store frequently used items some distance away from where you need them, preferably on a different floor of the house. This forces you to get moving.
  • Go window-shopping. Hit all of your favorite stores at the mall, and use the stairs. But take cash, not a credit card. You want to expend calories, not money.
  • Don’t get mad, get fit. Instead of getting upset when you can’t find a parking spot close to the grocery store, just park farther away and chill out with a brisk walk.
  • Work your lunch break. Use the last 15 minutes of your lunch hour to stroll around the office or enjoy the nice weather outside. You’ll raise your number of daily steps substantially and increase your productivity after lunch (since you won’t feel so drowsy post-meal).
  • Stay closer to home. There are probably plenty of places you visit regularly that are within a mile of your house. Maybe you go to a nearby restaurant once a week, or hit the dry cleaners’ once a month. Start walking there instead, at least some of the time.
  • Use your kids. An easy way to add more steps to your day is by spending a little more time with your kids. They are always on the go, and by getting in on the action, you will be too!

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