Comprehensive Stroke Center in Lexington, KY

Baptist Health Lexington: Comprehensive Stroke Center

The comprehensive stroke center, located in Lexington, Kentucky, provides evidence-based stroke treatments and rehabilitation. Watch the video to learn more.

Comprehensive Stroke Center in Lexington, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Benjamin Newman, MD, Neurosurgery:

A comprehensive stroke center is a hospital that provides the absolute, complete, fullest, evidence-based, most contemporary stroke treatment options. You need to have a robust, multidisciplinary team to help take care of the variety of conditions that can come in and have caused stroke. Also, [we have] to help ensure that we are providing [patients] with rehabilitation that will give them the best chance of making a good recovery. It’s fully end-to-end treatment of stroke, care from the onset of the stroke symptoms to return to normal life. That’s the goal, and that’s why we do the things we do here.

Stroke networks are relationships that are built between hospitals to help ensure the efficient triage and transfer of patients who might benefit from being transferred to a comprehensive stroke center. We have outreach programs technology that we’ve helped to deploy to various satellite hospitals throughout the state. If a suspected stroke [patient] comes in to one of the hospitals, we’ve helped them develop protocols that will allow them to quickly and efficiently identify those patients. 

It’s extremely important, especially here in rural Kentucky. It’s very, very important that local hospitals know what to do and where to send patients when they come in with a stroke. Because when it comes to stroke, time is brain, and that’s really what this is all about. 

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