COVID-19 Vaccine in Minority Communities in Lexington, KY


Baptist Health Lexington: COVID-19 Vaccine in Minority Communities

Cultural experiences may have caused hesitancy in vaccines in minority communities. Learn more about COVID vaccine and racial equity in Lexington, KY.

COVID-19 Vaccine in Minority Communities HealthTalks Transcript

Jai Gilliam, MD, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics:
One of the reasons why there’s a hesitancy in taking the [COVID-19] vaccine in the African American and Hispanic communities deals with cultural experiences that have led up to this point.

Speaking for the African American community, one mistrust that is commonly spoken, or at least quoted, is the Tuskegee experiment. African American males were subject to experimentation during research, and that research was on syphilis. That left a stain in the community and on trust in the medical community.

When we look at the Hispanic community, one of the things is concern about immigration status and maybe not having insurance. There has also been a mistrust with Western medicine, and culturally, wanting to do more holistic things, natural things.

By understanding the different cultures of your patients, you have a better understanding of their perception of your treatment, their diagnosis, and also their expectations. By being more culturally aware, you’re able to help your patients a lot better. One thing I just want to put out there is, it’s a pandemic, so it’s a global thing. All humanity is affected and so we definitely want to do our job to try to get the word out there to get vaccinated. The more we get on board with that, the more we’re able to get back to a new normal.

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