Participating in the CREST 2 Study

Baptist Health Lexington: Participating in the CREST 2 Study

Baptist Health Lexington participates in the CREST 2 study alongside the NIH to determine the best method for reducing the chance of stroke. Learn more about the study from this video.

Participating in the CREST 2 Study HealthTalks Transcript

Michael R. Jones, MD, Cardiology:
Baptist Health Lexington has been designated as a comprehensive stroke center by the American Heart Association. The mission of this program ranges from the prevention of stroke to its treatment. As part of our mission, besides providing the best and standard care for our patients, we are also involved in research initiatives that will allow us to better care for patients in the future.

The CREST 2 study is a National Institutes of Health-sponsored trial that compares medical treatment alone with medical treatment and surgery to reduce the risk of stroke. Patients who have not had a stroke or warning sign of stroke for at least six months and who have a carotid artery blockage of at least 70 percent are eligible for participation in this trial. All patients will receive the best medical treatment for stroke prevention from experts in the field. One-half of these patients will receive surgery, either carotid stenting or endarterectomy, both measures to reduce carotid blockage, in addition to medical therapy.

Patients assigned to surgery may choose, with their physicians, which surgical procedure that they will undergo. The decision to undergo either surgery is, however, decided by the computer flip of the coin. All patients will receive follow-up in order to see whether surgery with medical treatment offers any advantage of medical treatment only for stroke prevention. This is what CREST 2 is all about.

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