Acute Pain Management Relief and Reducing Opioids in Lexington, Kentucky

Managing pain while reducing opioids is possible with our treatment. Learn more about pain management treatments in Lexington on the Baptist Health blog.

HealthTalks Transcript

John M. Edwards, CRNA, MS, Acute Pain Management:

One of the things we specialize in at Baptist Health Lexington is really acute surgical pain management, and taking that beyond just regular pain medicines.

Theresa Newton, Lexington, Kentucky:

I came into Baptist Health Lexington due to having a right rotator cuff tear. It was a complete tear.


When Theresa came to us, we wanted to place an interscalene catheter to help manage her pain for her shoulder. We were able to manage her pain for about four days with the disposable infusion pump that we sent her home with. It helps us to really reduce the amount of overall narcotics or opioids that our patients need.


I lost my son to an addiction. It was very important to me to not be on any pain medication when I got home. I was given some pain medication, but with the nerve catheter I did not need it. I did not hurt whatsoever.


We’ve really worked hard to find a way to provide a convenient way to dispose of those opioids. The use of an opioid disposal packet allows them to do that.


They actually gave me a pamphlet, and they educated me on a little packet that’s attached to that pamphlet. If I did not need my pain medication, then I could just put three-fourths cup of water in my medication container, dispense that in, and then shake that up, and it’s just gone. You just throw it in the garbage.


After a couple of weeks when her pain is well managed she can, in the comfort of her own home, dispose of those conveniently.

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