Participating in Cardiac Research & Clinical Trials in Louisville

Baptist Health Louisville: Participating in Cardiac Research & Clinical Trials

Cardiovascular research trials are investigations to determine if a new drug, device, or procedure can treat a specific heart disease or condition. Learn more about participating in cardiology research trials with Baptist Health.

Participating in Cardiac Research & Clinical Trials in Louisville HealthTalks Transcript

Todd Bryan, Clinical Research Manager:
Clinical trials are investigations to try to determine whether a new drug, device or procedure are effective in treating a particular disease or condition. The cardiology trials that we typically conduct here are either device trials, in which we’re looking at new devices like pacemakers or stents. We do drug trials, which look at different drugs to treat different cardiac conditions. Then, we have a whole other class of research that are just registry trials where we’re collecting long-term data on the long-term use of some new devices, drugs or treatment.

Kathleen Clark, RN, Research Coordinator:
We have several studies going. We’re really excited about our FLASH study, which is a pulmonary embolism study. It’s kind of a new approach to treating pulmonary embolisms without the use of thrombolytics. We have a Decide-ICD trial, which is a patient decision aid. It is a real-world use of decision-aid tools to help patients make better decisions about whether or not they want to get an ICD [implantable cardioverter defibrillator]. We also have the His-SYNC study. It is a novel approach to cardiac resynchronization therapy for patients that normally would not be candidates. It’s a way to give them an alternative treatment.

The benefits of being part of a clinical trial include potentially being part of a better treatment for your disease, contributing to the general knowledge about how to treat your disease, and hopefully helping other people in the future with the same condition that you have.

To learn more about the trials that we have in cardiology, you can go to and find a full listing of all the trials available at all of our locations.

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