The Newly Expanded NICU at Baptist Health Louisville


Baptist Health Louisville: The Newly Expanded NICU

Our NICU care keeps families involved with live video streaming and specialized care. Learn more about the newly expanded NICU at Baptist Health Louisville.

The Newly Expanded NICU at Baptist Health Louisville HealthTalks Transcript

Ann Grider, MD, OB/GYN, Women First of Louisville:
Here at Baptist Health Louisville, we are super excited about our newly expanded NICU. Babies oftentimes need NICU care for things such as prematurity, low blood sugars or infection risk. We primarily will see preterm babies at Baptist. Our Level 2 NICU will take babies down to 28 weeks.

We offer wonderful support for parents. We have daily multidisciplinary rounds that involve the parents, the physician, the nurse, dietary, pharmacy and physical therapy. We offer a wonderful daily service to the families to keep them involved with their baby’s care.

We have wonderful technology, video live streaming, where families from wherever they are can watch what’s going on in their baby’s room. Even if they aren’t physically there, they really are fully aware of what’s going on, and [can] watch their baby at the times they want to check in.

The big benefit of the new NICU is that our moms and babies can stay together. We’re very family-centered and try to keep the family involved. Especially when babies are near to going home, the families get to do most of the care with the support of the nurses. We really try to facilitate that transition from [being] in the hospital to taking the baby home.

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