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Baptist Health Louisville: Personalized Shoulder Replacement

Get highly specialized and experienced care for reverse and anatomic total shoulder replacement at Baptist Health in Louisville, KY.

Personalized Shoulder Replacement at Baptist Health in Louisville, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Brennan McClure, MD, Orthopedic Surgery:
There are a lot of different patients who can benefit from a shoulder replacement. Generally speaking, there are two types of shoulder replacements that we do. There’s what’s called an anatomic shoulder replacement, which is where we essentially change out the ball and the socket of the shoulder, and then there’s another type of shoulder replacement called a reverse shoulder replacement. In that type of replacement, we actually change the architecture of the shoulder, and we switch the ball and the socket. 

There are different indications for each. For anatomic shoulder replacements, the usual indication is arthritis or wearing out of the joint of the shoulder. For reverse shoulder replacements, there are a variety of indications, one of which is rotator cuff problems. Another is fracture, and another is certain types of deformities of the socket that we can overcome by reversing the geometry of the shoulder. 

Here at Baptist Health Louisville, we have a very experienced team. We do a high volume of surgical procedures. We’re very adept at managing shoulder problems. We try to tailor our treatment to each and every patient. We try to individualize our care and make sure that we take care of that patient like it’s our only patient. Our goal is to get our patients back to functioning and doing all the things they love.

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