Advantages of Same Day Surgery for Joint Replacement in Louisville, KY

Baptist Health Louisville: Advantages of Same Day Surgery for Joint Replacement

Learn the advantages of same day joint replacement surgery with our highly experienced personal care orthopedic team at Baptist Health in Louisville, KY.

Advantages of Same Day Surgery for Joint Replacement in Louisville, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Tyler Keller, MD, Orthopedic Surgery:
Patients who would benefit from same-day joint replacement surgery are usually younger, more active, healthier patients, meaning not a lot of medical comorbidities. These patients are usually highly motivated and want to return home and get back to life as soon as possible. Same-day surgery is a great option for those patients, and it’s really increased over the last few years. 

The chief benefits of going home earlier are you’re getting yourself out of a hospital environment, where just by the nature of being in a hospital, there’s a little higher risk of infection because there are sicker patients around. Other things are quality of life and comfort scores. What we found is that patients are happier at home. They’re happier being at home as soon as possible, rather than being in a hospital. No matter how nice the hospital is, there are alarms ringing all night, which disturbs the sleep cycle. They’re more active when they’re at home because they walk around their own house instead of being confined to a hospital room, and their pain scores are a little lower for those reasons. 

Baptist Health Louisville is a great place to have your joint replacement. Baptist Health Louisville is one of the higher volume centers in the city. In our center here, we don’t do just 50 or 100 joint replacements a year. There are thousands of joint replacements that are done, which is to the patient’s advantage because it’s a very well-oiled team who does the same thing every time. They know what to look for, they know red flags that may cause complications. All of those things help increase patient satisfaction and the patient experience and minimize the risk of bad things, like complications, [that can] happen.

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