Advantages & Benefits of Home Care in Madisonville

Baptist Health Madisonville: Advantages & Benefits of Home Care

Baptist Health Madisonville’s home care team provides unmatched care and compassion to patients and their families. Learn about the home care advantage and why home care may be better for you and your family.

Advantages & Benefits of Home Care HealthTalks Transcript

Terry Gregory, RN:
As a home health nurse, my job is to go into the homes, focus on the care and the need of the patients, and continue that same care that they were receiving at the hospital.

We take care of respiratory infections, congestive heart failure, surgical wounds, people who have had nutrition problems, just a wide variety of illnesses.

Charles Ellis, Madisonville, Kentucky:
If you need it, they are there, and they are going to do anything they need to, to get you through everything. They always got an answer somewhere. That makes you feel like everybody cares.

A lot of times patients are still weak, so we need the family to step in and help care for the patient. That’s our job. We come in and we teach not only the patient but the family, in how to provide care for their loved one.

Naturally, people do tend to do better in their own homes. As we come in, we not only support the family but the patient, also, in getting better, in the recovery process. It makes them feel more comfortable about it.

I think you get over everything quicker at home. You got your own surroundings, and they’re here, and they will answer any questions. They’re not in a hurry like they would be anywhere else. They take time with you. It gives you a little bit more encouragement to do better.

A lot of times I come in a home thinking I’m going to be a blessing to them, but before it’s over, they’ve been much more a blessing to me than I’ve probably been to them.

Baptist Health Home Care’s experienced nurses, therapists, and other health professionals provide the expert, compassionate home care that makes a difference to people who are recovering at home or have a chronic medical condition. Learn about our services and the ways we can support your family.

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