The Importance of Well-Child Visit Schedules in Madisonville, Kentucky

Baptist Health Madisonville: The Importance of Well-Child Visit Schedules

Well-child visits are important for healthy children as they grow. Learn why it is important to schedule well-child visits from Baptist Health.

The Importance of Well-Child Visit Schedules in Madisonville, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Carey Dodds, MD, Pediatric Medicine:
A well-child check is so important for all children. When they are young, it is important to make sure they are growing appropriately, that they are developing well, that they are developing healthy habits. As they age, it’s important that they continue to come on an annual basis for a well-child exam because we want to make sure they are staying healthy. We discuss nutrition, we discuss sleep, we discuss their development, because even as they are school age, they are continuing to develop behaviorally, socially and educationally, and we want to make sure they are continuing to have their needs met in all of those realms.

Ann Elkins, patient’s mother, Madisonville, KY:
I think well-child exams are very important for your child because you’re keeping continuous check on their health, keeping their immunizations up to date, and just staying in constant communication with your pediatrician on their growth. It affects everything. Mentally, it affects their well-being, and I think they are very important.

Jackson Elkins, patient, Madisonville, KY:
I feel really comfortable that Dr. Dodds has everything under control about what to give us, what symptoms we have.

Dr. Dodds:
My patients are special to me. They are why I continue to do what I do, why I take time away from my family and my children to help take care of them — because I love my patients.

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