Maternal Fetal Telemedicine


Baptist Health Madisonville: Maternal Fetal Telemedicine

Obstetrician KELLEY CLARK, MD discusses maternal fetal telemedicine services, providing women with specialty care for their high-risk pregnancies via remote ultrasounds and live, on-screen consultations.

Maternal Fetal Telemedicine Health Talks Transcript

Kelley Clark, MD

Maternal Fetal Medicine is a subspecialty that provides care for high-risk situations in pregnancy, whether related to the mother or the baby. In the past, patients have had to travel a distance to come and see a maternal fetal medicine specialist. Offering telemedicine services for a subspecialty like maternal fetal medicine allows access in smaller hospitals in rural areas or smaller towns to services that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Basically, we are able to read all their ultrasounds remotely from Lexington so that, as the pictures are being taken by the stenographer here, I see them immediately on screen in Lexington. So we’re reading live. We let the patient know the results while they’re still here. If there’s a problem, then we set up a telemedicine cart where I can speak face to face with the patient and family. The great thing about it is that we can offer a service that’s typically only in the larger cities or larger centers and bring it right here to Madisonville.