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There are many benefits of robot-assisted surgery, including shorter recovery and less pain. Learn more about robotic surgery today.

Robotic-Assisted Surgery in Paducah, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Kristen Williams, MD, General Surgery, Surgical Group of Paducah:
The benefits for robotic surgery are very similar to those of laparoscopic surgery. It’s all minimally invasive surgery, but robotic [surgery] actually allows me to get a better dissection in certain cases. It’s very helpful for groin hernias in some patients, especially patients who have had a previous hernia repair or have bilateral hernias. It allows a much better dissection. I think the mesh gets placed in a better spot. It allows for a better view for the surgeon, which equals out to a better operation.

Ryan Martin, patient, Paducah, Kentucky:
I had a lump in my groin, which ended up being an inguinal hernia. My primary care doctor recommended Dr. Williams, so I came to Baptist Health. I was nervous about having robotic surgery, but I was nervous about surgery in general. She explained to me that I would have three small incisions in my stomach, versus a big incision in my groin.

Dr. Williams:
Also, when you have a bilateral hernia, the pain rates go down when you have it done minimally invasively. Robotically, you take fewer narcotics, you return to work faster, you return to the heavy lifting faster. It’s an easier recovery, as compared to an open hernia repair.

I didn’t have any pain. I didn’t have to take any hard medications. I’d recommend it to anybody, just less pain and less recovery time. I would recommend it to anybody.

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