Top Chef Runner-Up Sara Bradley Has Baby in Paducah, Kentucky

Baptist Health Paducah: Top Chef Runner-Up Sara Bradley Has Baby

Top Chef’s Sara Bradley discusses her journey to motherhood with Baptist Health Paducah. Learn more about labor and delivery services with Baptist Health.

Top Chef Runner-Up Sara Bradley Has Baby in Paducah, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Sara Bradley, Chef, Freight House, Paducah, Kentucky:
I am the season 16 Top Chef runner up. I was not expecting a child when I was filming the show. Actually, when my husband showed up in Macau, to my surprise, he said “when we get home let’s have a baby,” and I said, “I agree.”

Matthew Sublette, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology:
I met Sara a little before she got pregnant. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk about planning for pregnancy and how to have a healthy pregnancy and to minimize risks. Sara’s pregnancy and delivery went very well, and her baby did well. Although we had the services available of the NICU, fortunately we didn’t need them.

From the moment I came here and talked to the doctors about wanting to become pregnant, to the very last moment when I left, and they walked me out to my car, the experience at Baptist Health Paducah was just more than I expected. I think one of the best parts about juggling my responsibilities at the restaurant and my appointments here at the hospital was MyChart, which is the online patient portal program. They were constantly sending me reminders, sending me updates. I could view my charts through them. It just really made everything easy and the transition really smooth.

Dr. Sublette:
Having your baby at Baptist Health in the newly updated units will provide comfort in a modern setting with all the conveniences of home.

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