Treatment for Brain Bleeds in Paducah, KY

Baptist Health Paducah: Treating Bleeding on the Brain

Treating brain bleeds starts with understanding the cause. Learn more about brain bleed treatment options at Baptist Health in Paducah, KY.

Treatment for Brain Bleeds in Paducah, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Thomas Gruber, MD, Neurosurgery:
There are several different types of bleeding that can occur in people’s brains. Some of them are related to trauma, where somebody falls and hits their head, suffers a blow to the head, or is shot in the head. Some of them happen all by themselves, such as a hemorrhagic stroke, which is a type of stroke where you spontaneously bleed into the brain. There are vascular abnormalities, such as aneurysms in the brain, where they can bleed also.

Stewart Tolar, patient:
I awakened my wife in the middle of the night and told her that I had a terrific headache, and that was the last thing that I remembered. I was transported by ambulance to Baptist Health, and Dr. Gruber was on call.

Dr. Gruber:
Mr. Tolar came in with weakness and speech difficulty involving one side of his body. A CAT scan was done that showed he had a tremendous amount of bleeding on the surface of his brain, causing his problems. The amount of bleeding that he had on his brain was actually a life-threatening problem.

Dr. Gruber made an incision in my head and he evacuated the blood from what’s called a subdural hematoma. That’s what caused the pressure and the pain in the brain. He was able to get that out and relieve that pressure. Dr. Gruber was able to fix the problem. I believe that he saved my life.

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