Breastfeeding Education from Lactation Consultants in Richmond, KY

Baptist Health Richmond: Breastfeeding Education from Lactation Consultants

Nurses at Baptist Health Richmond are certified lactation consultants who can help answer questions about breastfeeding. Learn more about breastfeeding education.

Breastfeeding Education from Lactation Consultants in Richmond, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Marti Hackworth, RN, Certified Lactation Counselor:
Here at Baptist Health, we have a lot of nurses on staff who are certified lactation counselors who can help moms get started on the breastfeeding journey. A lot of times, they have a lot of questions. They don’t know if their baby’s getting enough because they can’t measure it. They don’t know when to feed their baby, how many times to feed their baby. All these questions are concerns that sometimes can hinder them from breastfeeding. 

We reassure the mom. We help them with the latch and we help them with breast pumps. We do a lot of teaching. We have a teaching book that we have pictures in, and one of the pictures that I show a lot is just how little the baby’s belly is, so that mom knows it doesn’t need a whole lot. We also let the mom know when the baby’s hungry, you feed the baby. When it’s sleepy, you let it sleep. The ultimate goal is to feed the baby, and the ultimate goal is for mom to enjoy the baby. We try to relieve her stress so that she understands this is a natural thing and if you relax and go with it, it goes so much easier.

When you have your baby here at Baptist Health Richmond, we encourage women to breastfeed. We give them the support and education they need so when they go home, they have more confidence that they’ve got it — they’ve got it down.

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