Discussing the Importance of Vaccination in Richmond, Kentucky

Baptist Health Richmond: Discussing the Importance of Vaccination

Vaccinations prevent outbreaks of measles, whooping cough, flu, and other diseases. They do not cause autism. Learn why vaccines are important and safe for both children and adults from Baptist Health.

Discussing the Importance of Vaccination in Richmond, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Tamera Spangler, DO, Family Medicine:
Vaccines are an effective way of keeping your family healthy. There are many different diseases out there that can be easily prevented with vaccination, diseases that were once common in the United States, such as whooping cough, polio or even measles. These vaccines can actually prevent these diseases. Smallpox has even been completely eradicated due to the vaccination against the disease.

It’s very important for children to have vaccines; however, it’s important for adults as well. There are several different vaccines that we recommend for adults throughout their lifetimes. This includes tetanus, shingles, pneumonia vaccines, flu, HPV, and even hepatitis vaccines.

Vaccines are very safe. There is a common misconception that vaccines can cause autism; that is not the case. Vaccines are actually more beneficial rather than harmful to you. Vaccines don’t just affect your family. It affects everybody in the community. You’re not just protecting yourself and your loved ones, but you’re protecting other people that you’re around on a daily basis. A child who is not vaccinated has potential to spread diseases to another child who is otherwise healthy and receiving their vaccines.

I encourage all parents to take their children and to keep their vaccines up to date and address this with their primary care physician, along with themselves as well. It’s important for the adults to keep up to date with vaccines too.

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