Robot-Assisted Hernia Repair Surgery in New Albany, IN

Baptist Health Floyd: Robot-Assisted Hernia Repair Surgery

Robot-assisted hernia repair surgery increases the accuracy and efficiency of a typical procedure. Baptist Health Floyd offers robotic hernia surgery in New Albany, IN.

Robot-Assisted Hernia Repair Surgery in New Albany, IN HealthTalks Transcript

Timothy Dawson, MD, General Surgery:
There are many advantages of having a robotic inguinal hernia repair with the da Vinci® robot. One of the main ones is a quick recovery time and less pain. With a robotic hernia repair, almost all of my patients are back to work with no restrictions in two weeks. Most people don’t take any pain medication afterward at all.

George Croshier, patient:
With the da Vinci®, it’s nothing. I mean, there was nothing there. It didn’t hurt at all. There was just a little bit of bruising, but it was gone in a couple of days.

Dr. Dawson:
Another advantage of robotic surgery is that a lot of people don’t just have one hernia. They might have two hernias. They might have a hernia on both sides of their groin. With the robot, it allows me to fix all of the hernias through the same incisions. If you have two hernias, I can make two incisions that are less than a centimeter and get all of them fixed at the same time. 

The robotic arms are controlling the instruments, but I have a 3D screen where I can see everything in great detail. My hands are actually the tips of the instrument. If I want to retract something, I grab it and retract it. I actually have four hands that I control at the same time with the clutch. I’m able to do the work of four hands at once.

Having a da Vinci® robot at Baptist Health Floyd is a huge advantage for everyone in southern Indiana. We can offer advanced hernia repair, quicker recovery time and less pain for patients, without them having to drive to get the same repairs. 

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