Screening for Lung Cancer

Baptist Health Madisonville: Screening for Lung Cancer

Radiation oncologist Jeffrey Triplett, MD, outlines eligibility for low-dose CT screening, a simple test that can detect lung cancer earlier, when it is more treatable.

Screening for Lung Cancer Health Talks Transcript

Jeffrey Triplett, MD, Radiation Oncology
The purpose for any screening exam is to catch disease earlier, in a more treatable and survivable stage. To be eligible for low-dose CT screening, you have to be asymptomatic. You have to be between the ages of 55 and 77. You have to have a 30-plus pack year history of smoking. Having smoked any time in the last 15 years, you would be eligible.

Donna Edwards, Madisonville, Kentucky
The spot on my lung that they found was the size of a quarter, and that’s a large tumor to me, because I was not having any symptoms at all. I think if they had not found it at the time they did, if I had waited another year before I started having symptoms, the tumors would have grown so big that even chemotherapy would not have done any good.

Dr. Triplett
A cancer is much more treatable and much more survivable if you catch it early, and the only way to catch it early is by screening because usually by the time it causes problems that make you aware of it, it’s a bigger tumor, and much more harder to treat, so cancer screening is essential to catching tumors early in a more treatable, survivable stage.

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