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Safe Neti Pot Use Tips

Many sinus sufferers are turning to the neti pot to get relief from the pressure and congestion caused by allergies, colds or the flu....

Art to Promote Healing

Baptist Health Richmond displays the works of local artists in the hospital to encourage patients, families and staff.

What Are The Differences Between PET Scans vs. MRIs?

PET (positron emission tomography) scans and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans are procedures that produce pictures of the inside of the body that a...
treating depression

Common Treatment Options for Depression

Depression is a common but serious illness that causes ongoing feelings of sadness and loss of interest in activities that a person previously enjoyed. Unlike temporary...
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How to Reduce Indoor Allergies in the Home

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, roughly 50 million Americans — and growing — suffer from allergies, both indoor and outdoor....