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Female Heart Attack Symptoms

Bianca Ummat, MD, discusses female heart attack symptoms and what women can do to help prevent a heart attack.
minimizing scars

4 Tips for Minimizing Scars

Whether you’ve just bandaged a bad cut or are facing surgery, you may have the same question: Will I get a scar? Unfortunately, the...

The Pain of Rain?

Before a drop ever hits the ground, do you know it's about to rain? "Many of my patients tell me they can predict the...
John Paddy McCormick, MD Floydvideo

The Roles of Breast Cancer Surgeons and Specialists in New Albany, Indiana

Baptist Health breast cancer surgeons provide personalized treatment to all breast cancer patients. Learn more about the different ways surgeons and specialists treat breast cancer.
Home Health Care for Stroke Patients

Stroke Patients Can Benefit From Home Health Care

Every year approximately 795,000 Americans will suffer a stroke. This has a life-changing impact on the patient and the family. Our team of Home...