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Loved Ones & Drug Addiction

People watching a loved one under the spell of drugs often want to save the addict however they can. But they must save themselves,...

Substance Abuse Outpatient Programs in Richmond, Kentucky

Baptist Health offers intensive outpatient programs (IOP) for those facing substance abuse. Learn about substance abuse group therapy and addiction treatment.
chest pain

Chest Pain Symptoms: When Should I Be Worried?

Chest pain is never something you should ignore. If you are experiencing it and don’t know the cause, it is always best to seek...

4 Ways Men Can Sleep Better

For many men, sleep is just one more thing at the bottom of the list of all that needs to be done in a...
Managing Menopause

Managing Menopause

For many years, menopause was known as “the change,” that time in a woman’s life when her body transitions out of the childbearing years....