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6 Things to Know on Quit Day

Every smoker can become a former smoker. But it’s going to be hard work. That’s why smokers should plan ahead for their “quit day” and...

ACL Surgery Recovery & Physical Therapy Timeline at La Grange

Watch a patient's story of how advances in ACL surgery recovery impacted her experience. Baptist Health offers new advances in ACL surgery and physical therapy in order to encourage faster recovery for patients.

Sprained Ankle Treatment in Louisville

Baptist Health treats patients like athletes in order to help them recover more quickly from their ankle sprains. Discover our methods for treating sprained ankles by encouraging ankle movement through stretches and exercises.
Does red meat cause colon cancer?

Does Red Meat Cause Colon Cancer?

Cancer is a very complex disease with many environmental and genetic factors affecting a person’s risk. So, it’s difficult to say with any certainty...

Our New Cancer Care Center

Learn how Baptist Health Paducah’s new Cancer Care Center was designed with patients’ needs in mind.