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Regenerative Use of Bone Marrow Aspiration in Louisville, Kentucky

The bone marrow aspiration procedure uses stem cells to help the body repair itself and generate new tissue to damaged areas. Learn about this regenerative stem cell therapy from Baptist Health.

5 Tips for Turning 50

Are you preparing to celebrate the milestone birthday this year? "The big five-oh" is something to be proud of - you have wisdom, independence,...

Black Bean Chicken Quesadilla

Tortillas and black beans are great foods to keep on hand. Goat cheese ranks high as well, simply because it complements our standard routine...

Debunking 6 Heart Disease Myths with Facts

Heart disease is incredibly common — more than 1 in 10 American adults has been diagnosed, and it’s the leading cause of death. It’s...

Team Approach to Gastrointestinal Cancer in Lexington

As Gastrointestinal Cancer becomes more aggressive, so must our approach. At Baptist Health, we solicit a full team of doctors to provide our patients with the best stomach cancer treatment. Learn more about the signs of stomach cancer and how our team provides individualized care.