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Stroke Treatment in Paducah

Baptist Health Paducah has a nationally certified stroke center that specializes in the prevention and treatment of strokes. Learn more about your stroke treatment options and hear a survivor's experience.
Your Back-to-School Health Guide-min

Your Back-to-School Health Guide

Your car is full of sand, you’re washing bathing suits and towels on repeat, and your kids were up until 11 p.m. catching fireflies...

4 Important Electrolytes

It’s commonly known that perspiration, resulting from high-intensity workouts, depletes our bodies of electrolytes - minerals crucial to the effective functioning of our cardiac,...
Tips for a Perfect Nap

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Nap

While napping seems like a simple concept – go to sleep when your body is tired – there is an art to it. And...

5 Minutes for a Healthier You

More than half of Kentuckians fall short of recommended exercise guidelines. But if you add movements to your routines, exercising for 150 minutes weekly...