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15-Minute Nutty Bulgur Pilaf

Bulgur can be a favorite alternative compared to rice for this dish. Each half-cup provides 7 grams of fiber! Also, Bulgur is high in fiber and protein...

InterStim Treatment for Incontinence in Richmond, Kentucky

InterStim is a type of incontinence treatment where a small device is placed on the patient's tailbone to retrain the bladder. Learn more about InterStim for incontinence from Baptist Health.
Laura Barkley, MDvideo

How to Detect Breast Cancer with Mammograms in Louisville, Kentucky

Breast cancer can be effectively treated if detected early. Learn how radiologists detect breast cancer with mammograms at Baptist Health Louisville.

6 Tips on Tackling the Time Change With a Toddler

As if getting toddlers into a good sleep routine wasn’t hard enough, the end of daylight-saving time can add an extra element to the...

6 Steps to Start and Stay Mentally Motivated When Exercising

You've made up your mind to start exercising. But, just the thought of getting out of bed to exercise or rearranging your busy schedule...