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Why Can’t I Stop Coughing?

Many people are affected by chronic coughing; in fact, it’s one of the most common reasons cited for a doctor visit. A chronic cough...

The Heart Murmur Clinic in Paducah

Dr. Nicholas Lopez III discusses what a heart murmur is, the types of heart murmurs you may encounter, and how the heart clinic at Baptist Health Paducah helps with your recovery.


Burgoo is Kentucky's go-to stew. Depending on the cook, the dish might contain beef, veal, mutton, chicken, rabbit pork - or a combination. Every...

Using Baptist Health’s MyChart

There was a time in the healthcare industry when the only way to connect with your doctor or get information about your medical record...

Benefits of Pediatric Rehab

Learn about Baptist Health Corbin’s pediatric rehab facility, which provides outpatient advanced therapies for a variety of children's needs.