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How to Safely Manage Your Weight Loss

If you struggle with your weight, you are not alone. Most of us are trying to lose weight or maintain our weight at some...

Detecting and Treating Strokes

Watch Neurologist Dr. Ashburn explain how clot-busting medication can treat strokes effectively when given within a few hours after the first signs. Watch video.

Recipe: Roasted Mushroom Fajitas

You won't want to miss this roasted mushroom fajitas recipe! The vegetables are roasted to bring out their full flavor and are best when...

Patient Self-Advocacy

Healthcare is personal, and the focus should be on you. Taking an active role in your care not only helps providers offer better care,...
Does red meat cause colon cancer?

Does Eating Red Meat Cause Colon Cancer?

Cancer is a very complex disease with many environmental and genetic factors affecting a person’s risk. So, it’s difficult to say with any certainty...