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Rainy-Day Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Pudding Sauce

The holidays and sweet treats go hand in hand, as anyone who’s ever struggled to button her pants on Jan. 1 knows all too...

Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonologist Thomas Gallo, MD, describes how pulmonary rehabilitation helps patients with lung disease improve health through supervised exercise.

9 Tips for Staying Safe at Home

According to the CDC, over a million people a year are seen in emergency departments as a result of falling. It’s important to create...
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How Does Prostate Cancer Screening Work?

The prostate gland sits below a man's bladder and produces fluid for semen. In some men, cancer can develop in this gland. How can...

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Home Remedies for RLS

Restless leg syndrome (RLS - sometimes seen as restless legs syndrome and also known as Willis-Ekbom disease) is a common neurological sensory-motor disorder characterized...