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Skin Tag Questions Answered

Skin tags can be alarming and unsightly. Many people with skin tags erroneously believe they may be something more serious — such as warts...

Ice vs. Heat: What is best for an injury?

When it comes to deciding between ice and heat for dealing with an injury or ailment, most people have preconceived notions. Whether it's a...
Negative Thinking

What Causes Negative Thinking & How to Stop It

We all have negative thoughts at times. Anger, fear, shame and other unpleasant emotions are normal when they arise and then fade away. However,...

Recipe: Orange Ginger Wraps

A healthy twist on orange ginger chicken wraps that you don't want to miss! Boiled shrimp will also work well as a replacement for...

Treating Rheumatic Conditions

Rheumatic conditions and the importance of treating them before they result in more serious damage to the body’s organs.