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Baptist Health’s Meds to Beds Program in Madisonville, Kentucky

Baptist Health's Meds to Beds program delivers medications to patients before they leave the hospital. Learn how the program provides patient education on medication use and side effects.

Spot the Signs of a Stroke

Would you be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a stroke? Knowing the signs and symptoms of stroke with a sense of urgency...

Rewards of Cardiac Rehab Nursing

Nurse Lindsay Bowles talks about building relationships with her patients in cardiac rehab and the crucial role nurses play in helping patients make lasting changes.

5 Vitamins You Might Be Overdoing

Conventional wisdom would tell you that if a little of something is good then more is certainly better and with almost 40% of Americans...

Health Benefits of Cocoa

Chocolate – or cocoa – while delicious, isn’t a cure-all, but a recent study suggests that it can help keep you mentally sharp. Seniors who...