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tired all the time

Quiz: Why Am I So Tired?

Tired all the time? Join the club. About one-third of adults report sleeping less than seven hours a night, which is the minimum amount...
screening for lung cancer

Screening for Lung Cancer

Cardiothoracic surgeon Nicholas Lopez advises that the best way to prevent lung cancer is to stop smoking and emphasizes the importance of early detection...

Use B.E.F.A.S.T. and Know the Classic Stroke Symptoms

Would you be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a stroke? Knowing the signs and symptoms of stroke with a sense of urgency...
matthew keith, MDvideo

When to See a Cardiologist – Southern Indiana

Cardiologists treat conditions related to the heart and blood vessels. Learn more about what a cardiologist treats, when to see one, and why, from Baptist Health.
temporal lobe epilepsy deja vu

Deja Vu and Epilepsy Explained

Many people have experienced déjà vu — the feeling that events unfolding now have also occurred in the past, even though you know they...