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The New North Tower

Learn about the conveniences and amenities of the new North Tower at Baptist Health Lexington.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women

Heart disease in women can be harder to detect as symptoms experience are often mild. Learn more about the symptoms of heart disease in women, how to detect them, and the best action to take for the best outcome.

Corn Relish Stuffed Pork Chops

Grilled or baked, this seasonal pork chop recipe is a lighter preparation method that incorporates zesty seasonings and delicious summer corn. You can serve...

What Types of Moles Are Cancerous?

A new mole doesn't necessarily mean you have cancer - in fact, the development of moles is quite common. Of course, that doesn't mean...

Family Medicine Pediatric Residency Program in Madisonville, Kentucky

The Baptist Health Family Medicine Residency Program is an accredited 3 year post-graduate training program with focuses in various medical specialties. Learn about our pediatric residency program.