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Painful Gout Affecting More Americans

Over the past two decades, the number of American adults with the painful joint disease gout has soared. The blame has been placed on...

Logan’s Story, Chiari Malformation

Hear Logan's story about Chiari Malformation and the care he received at Baptist Health. Learn more about Chiari Malformation or find a provider or specialist...

Integrated Physical Therapy

Find out how speech, occupational and physical therapy can help patients regain their strength and independence after injury, trauma or surgery.
chest x-ray

What Does A Chest X-Ray Show?

A chest X-ray is a procedure that produces images of the inside of the chest. It helps doctors assess the condition of the lungs,...

Ways to Shake the Salt

Research shows most Americans eat more sodium than they need, and getting too much in your diet may increase your risk for high blood...