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child woke up sick

Common School-Spread Illnesses

Most families know that back-to-school time also means back-to-doctor time. That's because, when kids crowd onto school buses and into classrooms, they're exposed to...

Integrated Physical Therapy

Find out how speech, occupational and physical therapy can help patients regain their strength and independence after injury, trauma or surgery.

Brain Workout RX

Technically, your brain isn't a muscle, but it doesn't hurt to think of it as one. Just as we lift weights to make our...
importance of family medical history

The Importance of Your Family Medical History

You inherit half of your genetic makeup from each of your parents. Those genes not only affect your physical appearance, but they may also...

Pregnancy & Diabetes

Women who see their obstetrician for a routine pregnancy check-up are often surprised to learn they have gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes that...