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6 Steps to Start and Stay Mentally Motivated When Exercising

You've made up your mind to start exercising. But, just the thought of getting out of bed to exercise or rearranging your busy schedule...

Determination Fuels Recovery

It was Oldham County High School’s second game of the Kentucky High School State Softball Tournament. In the sixth inning, power hitter Allison Vialpando...

Treating Spinal Conditions

Surgeon James Rice, MD, explains how spinal conditions can lead to numbness, tingling or pain throughout the body and surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

8 Ways to Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods, or convenience foods, are foods that have been changed in some way, shape or form to make them easier and cheaper to...

Increasing Brain Cancer Survival in Louisville

Baptist Health Louisville has a special Neuro-oncology department that specializes in advanced brain cancer treatment. Learn more about our department and how some patients are prolonging their lives up to 15 additional years.