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Energizer Toast Recipe

This quick and easy breakfast recipe is healthy and also filling. Try energizer toast for a healthy breakfast that's easy to with you on...
toiletries and makeup

Spring Cleaning Applies to Your Toiletries, Too!

When someone mentions spring cleaning, we tend to think of projects in the bedroom, garage or yard. But, spring is a great time to...

Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Approximately 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain -- a result of both sedentary and extremely active lifestyles. Stretches help to ease the pain...
prenatal exercise

Safe and Beneficial Pregnancy Workouts

With your doctor’s approval, prenatal exercise (meaning exercise while you are pregnant) can offer a variety of benefits. As long as you are healthy,...

Sleep Disorder Center in Floyd

Are you having trouble sleeping? A lack of sleep can have an alarmingly negative effect on your health. Learn more about sleep apnea symptoms, what causes insomnia, and what measures can be taken to identify sleep disorders.