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New Procedures for Weight Loss

John Oldham explains how new procedures for weight loss surgery can help patients with obesity, describing the steps to the minimally invasive surgery.

7 Fall Sports Tips for Young Athletes

The fall sports season has begun. And if your child plays football, soccer, volleyball or other sports, he or she will be putting a...

Overpronation and Supination: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

As you walk or run, your feet “roll” from side to side a bit with each stride. This movement is called pronation, and there...

Primary Care Clinic in Calvert City

Baptist Health understands that everyone needs a family-centered primary care provider. With limited access to primary care in western Kentucky, we're happy to provide families with an option in Calvert City. Learn more about Family Medicine - Calvert City.

Thyroid Troubles?

Located above the Adam’s apple, your thyroid produces thyroid hormone (TH), which regulates, among other things, your body’s temperature, metabolism and heartbeat. Women are...