The Importance of Physical Therapy

Baptist Health Corbin: The Importance of Physical Therapy

Orthopedic surgeon JOSEPH PULLEKINES talks about the importance of physical therapy and describes how the end result of orthopedic surgery often depends upon successful rehabilitation.

The Importance of Physical Therapy Health Talks Transcript

Joseph Pullekines, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

Rehabilitation is very important because there are a lot of injuries that really don’t need surgery, and sometimes you have to convince patients of that. But even with surgery or without surgery, rehabilitation is real important. I can do a great surgery, and if you don’t rehab it right — work on your motion, work on your strength — you’re not going to get a good result. I tell my patients a lot: you look at professional athletes, basically, people who depend on their bodies for a living and get paid very well. They work with therapists and trainers immediately from their injuries, all through their injury. That shows you the importance of rehabilitation, physical therapy and training to injuries, and post-surgery. Baptist does offer physical therapy, and they see most of our patients both in the hospital — after knee replacements, after hip fractures, etc. They help get the initial phase of the rehab going, but they also have outpatient services where we can send outpatients, or even patients who had their surgery done here who still need to continue once they go home. So, they offer the full gamut of rehabilitation here. I tell my patients all the time: I just want to see them and get rid of them, because once I get rid of them, and I don’t need to see them anymore, it means I have been successful. They’ve recovered, they’ve rehabbed, and they’ve gotten their optimal best they can do. That’s our success. Our success is seeing you, getting you through the surgery, and not having to see you again because we know you are functioning well.

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