The Importance of Well-Baby Visits

Baptist Health La Grange: The Importance of Well-Baby Visits

Pediatrician Sarah Thayer, MD, emphasizes the importance of well-child visits and advises parents what to expect when they bring their baby in for a checkup.

The Importance of Well-Baby Visits Health Talks Transcript

Sarah Thayer, MD, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Well-baby visits are checkups that pediatricians do when babies are well. We focus more on development, nutrition, safety, family well-being, and guidance for the future.

We generally see a baby after they leave the hospital, and then, usually maybe one or two times before they turn one month of age, and that’s really just to look at their weight, make sure that breast-feeding is going okay, that formula feeding is going okay. After that, we generally see them about every two to three months until they’re 2 years of age. After 2 years of age, things start to slow down, and we generally see them about every six months to a year.

There are multiple reasons why well-child checks are important. The first one is prevention. Well-baby checks are when we give immunizations to prevent disease. It’s also a time where we track growth and development, so we’re checking the height and the weight and the measurement of the head. We’re also looking at development, language and social behaviors. All those are very important.

Then, the two other ones that are more focused on parents is that it’s a great time for parents to raise concerns about things that they may have in regards to development of the child. Lastly, it’s really a good time for parents and doctors to develop a strong, trusting relationship, so that we’re able to take care of your baby, and make sure that we are able to work together as a team to make sure that they grow and are happy.

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