When Should You Get A Shingles Vaccination?


People over the age of 60 should consider being inoculated with the shingles vaccine. Caused by the chicken pox virus, shingles is a debilitating condition characterized by a painful, blistering rash. It can result in severe complications, including nerve damage, lingering pain, blindness and blood or skin infections. It occurs when the chicken pox virus, which lies dormant after the initial infection, becomes reactivated. Stress, old age and conditions that lower one’s immunity can all play a role in the condition, which affects one million Americans every year. Even if you think you’ve never had chicken pox, research shows that 99% of us have, even if we can’t remember it. If you’re 60 or older, talk to your doctor about getting a shingles vaccine.

A primary care physician is important for both men and women of any age. Visit our online physician directory or call the Baptist Health Information Center at (502) 897-8131 for a physician referral.

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