Lifesaving Heart Health Screening in New Albany, IN

Baptist Health Floyd: Lifesaving Heart Health Screening

Baptist Health Floyd offers lifesaving heart health screenings to patients in New Albany, IN. Get screened today and be proactive about your heart’s health.

Lifesaving Heart Health Screening in New Albany, IN HealthTalks Transcript

Lakshmana Pendyala, MD, Interventional Cardiology:
Cardiovascular disease is actually [the] number one disease in terms of affecting the American population. The calcium score is an add-on test that will give extra predictability, in terms of predicting the people with heart disease, in people without any symptoms. This is a radiology test, similar to having a chest X-ray or a low-dose CT scan.

John Loi, patient:
Well, I had some shortness of breath, but I have allergies and asthma. That’s what I thought was causing my shortness of breath. My wife said, “I think we should go ahead and have the screening done.” In the screening, they checked our carotids, they checked our bone density, and they also checked the heart. That’s where they found the calcium buildup in my heart.

Dr. Pendyala:
John came to us initially with some nonspecific symptoms, mostly fatigue, and his calcium score was very high. We ended up doing an exercise stress test, where we noted he had significant changes on the EKG, that prompted the heart cath.

I’m living proof that they can fix something if you catch it early enough. There’s really, to me, no excuse not to get it done. I can’t push it enough — the screening — because it saved my life.

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